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Your wedding in Provence at the Abbaye Saint Eusèbe will be unique and will you give you memorable and indelible memories to cherish. This exceptional setting features a wonderful lawn to organize a cocktail party in the sunshine of Provence. You will love the pleasant temperature of this beautiful area of the Luberon.

The dinner party is usually organized in the Saint Maurice room that can accommodate up to 180 seating people. The covered outdoor area can accommodate 50 other people. You can also host the dinner party in the cherry field around the Abbey. Additionally, you can host the part in the nice courtyard at the site of the old cloister.

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The Saint Martian room offers the perfect atmosphere to end your exceptional evening.

Abbaye Saint Eusèbe is open on Saturdays and during the weekdays. You can also book the day after your wedding to celebrate a brunch with your loved ones and continue the party in the heart of the Luberon.

You can book any time of the year. Abbaye Saint Eusèbe gives you the freedom to choose the day, week or weekend of your wedding depending on availability. Mr and Mrs Ribeiro, the passionate owners of Abbaye Saint Eusèbe, are always available and will propose you a list of service providers worthy of the Abbey Saint Eusèbe. They are trusted professionals who know the place well. Some of them have been working with the owners for more than 20 years.

Abbaye Saint Eusèbe works with the best professionals (caterers, audiovisual professionals, florists, photographers, pastry chefs).

Room rental Vaucluse


Room rental Vaucluse
Room rental Vaucluse
Room rental Vaucluse


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